Europe 2050

Moving from election to election and handing over more self-regulating powers to ‘the market’ our world has become very short term orientated. An activist kind of approach, with specific themes we want to tackle as major issues, that simply wont work. If we want a progressive future we need to come up with a 2050 mission. An envisionment of how we see Europe in ~30 years. With such a vision we have freedom to come up with longterm strategies to realize a fair socialeconomic environment in a wealthy Europe. Central within that vision must be that we take back some self-regulating powers from the market. Our message is not a centrist economy but we should have more to say in what direction our markets move forward. Giving guideance to the private sector will be the only way to form a coherent identity, a single interest among market players, the fact they operate in a single market is not enough, no, the next step is that they bring our single market to the next level. That our markets become integrated and our markets, and its companies, will become the messengers of the European identity we want to establish.
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The realization of a fair socialeconomic Europe by 2050 and a shared identity

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