Europe will be Federal or won’t be

Dear all, I am a member of the federalist movement of Italy and of the political party +Europa I strongly believe that if Europe will survive, that will depends on a new constitutional setting: a federalist one. We need to build the United States of Europe and this should be the topic of the next Eu Parliamentary elections. In the next Parliament it should be set up a Constitutional Assembly in order to write a new federal constitution. This constitution should be voted by the European citizens. I wonder about your opinion about it.
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Dear martina, i agree with you. Unity us strenght. The United States of Europe will have the strongest economy in the entire world. Furthermore the education level should be very high. I personally believe that the alt-right and the nationalists wont let this to happen in the near future, but i am sure that as a european, i will fight for democracy and unity🌍 Write to me soon, to discuss more topics!

Hi there, I like the idea of United States of Europe, but unfortunately do to the recent crises – starting with the economic one, going through the refugee one and now the pandemic one, the trust in the EU is shaken. I communicate daily with people who are not ready to embrace such a proposal. In my opinion United States of Europe can only be achieved though stronger EU identity. First working on enhancing it and then evolve into federal state. Greeting 🙂

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