Europe without homelessness

There are literally millions of people in the European Union who are in some type of homelessness situation. Yet, the EU has no noteworthy policies to help people in such situation. The European Commission shields itself from responsibility by invoking the principle by which social protection is the main responsibility of Member States. That is not an adequate justification. EU bodies such as the Committee of the Regions, the European Social and Economic Committee and the European Parliament itself, have called for and proposed the adoption of serious measures to fight homelessness in Europe. Nothing serious has been done though. A Europe where such severe forms of social exclusion, as is the case of homelessness, exist, is a paradoxical one. It has been noted by the institutions mentioned above how homelessness restricts individual freedom and how it is contrary to dignity. The EU can do much more to fight the problem and to work in favour of the right to housing for everyone. Homelessness does not result from physical limits. We have enough space and materials to provide for everyone. It results solely from psychical and ethical limits in the ways of thinking of many people, including people in power.
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