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Hi Friends, revolutionary innovation usually does not come from cooperations but from state investmens in technology (Internet, computer, telecommunication, touch screens). To use the creative power and the ability to use technology to create wealth on a market, the EU schould fund high risk and capital intensive research and make the eventual results accessible to the public (this can also be extended to buying patents). This offer can be combined with certain requirements for the requesting company, namly further developpement of the products in Europe, high end engineering in Europe, further cooperation with European universities (extensible to demanding producing in economically underdevelopped regions). Also the research itself can be designed as intra-european research with cooperating universities, exchange of scientists etc. The aim is to make Europe an innovation hub for our economic future, to increase European cooperation, integration and identification on an academical level, combined with the hope of groundbreaking discoveries to benefit humanit as a whole. I would be extremely happy for feedback about flaws in reasoning or further consequences. Greetings from Bonn, Thabo
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An approach to secure the economic future of Europe and to foster European integration

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