European Telecommunication Agency

Hello Friends, believing in the connecting power of borderless communication, convinced by the already taken measures to normalise pan European use of communication technology (mobile tariffs), aspiring to boost this developpement and prevent monopolys, I would propose a European Telecommunication Agency. This agency would provide an European wide network for modern and fast telecommunication and opens the possibility for different cooperations to use these networks to provide the corresponding services for the European citizens. This approach would take into account that pivate networks tend to become monopolies in increasing scale income and need a lot of capital to be build. European wide competition hopefully leads to an efficient and customer friendly supply and a more European perspective for each and every consuming citizen. This seems for me economically and socially, therefore politically reasonable. I would be very happy if there are flaws in reasoning or effects not considered. Greetings from Bonn, Thabo
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A market approach for economic reasonable action and to bring European citizens closer together.

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