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We need the European Union which will at the first place work for people. Promoting social policies aimed at reducing unemployment in all member states and reducing the number of people at risk of poverty. A Union, which will regulate the market and fight right-wing neo-liberal policies. Because the EU must be here for its citizens, not for the multinational corporations, banks or billionaires. Globalization in Europe divides society into winners and losers, and we have to change it! Everyone must benefit from globalization. We need a system where people feel safe and have control over their lives. All European institutions are currently governed by right-wing politicians and I believe that is the conflict of interests. And Social democracy must stand for the interests of the people in Europe. We must represent them and protect their rights.
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Mutualise the risk of unemployment at the European level is a complicated task but it is possible. Indeed, Europe could promote an high protection of that risk by developing, first, harmonisation on unemployment insurances conditions. It would concern : the length of the indemnisation, but also the control methods and much more important the way the person unemployed is taking care of. Because of course, unemployed people are persons, human beings. And European socialists should see them like as fragile people, not as thief, like some right wing parties across Europe do. When the harmonisation is over, or that differences between Member States are so huge that it is impossible to harmonise, the EU should unify. By setting a percentage of monthly indemnisation in regard of the previous salary. It should be set on the higher scale, so that no country has to lower its protection. It should also be part of a new fund, that would fit into cohesion and solidarity objectives of the EU and that would coexists with the actual funds. This amount of money would go to the support of the unemployed person (new formation, personal counselor, better information on workers and unemployed people rights) and to active way to fight unemployment, such as the french initiative “territoire zéro chômage”. Finally, this amount of money would be coming from the workers cotisations, the member states and new taxations, for instance by establishing a bonus malus for companies if they choose to hire workers on fixed-term contract or permanent contract. The EU must protect its citizens from social risks, and I could write other proposals, such as health care for everyone, working conditions, especially with work accidents, or democracy inside the companies. By protecting them, the EU would contribute to build a better European citizenship, and would finally enhance its role as a welfare union.

4 months, 3 weeks ago in FOR A UNITED SOCIAL EUROPE
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