Fight against the poor

It is very important for us, as citizens of European Union to move our attention over social areas. More than that, its obviously what happen at a economic, social, work level in our country from all over U.E. land: – social conflict, social violence; – missing education at a poor environments; – missing place works; – increase level of taxes and value in rapport with decrease level of life in many country; – and so on… Many European politics have as a object of interest problems regarding military conflict, politics to refer at environment, accelerate of infrastructure, European fundraising, etc. All of these are very important, but, at the same time it’s more important to do something in this direction which has as a object the decrease of the level of poverty in many places, improvement of the quality of life, higher level of education, health, economy, and more. I think that this aspects will improve our future in the European Union, little by little.
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