A European Union for security and protection of fundamental rights!

We need to find better, durable solutions on migration and asylum. This means building up a truly European Asylum System where human rights are respected and responsibilities are shared among all member states. Refugees must find protection and all necessary support for their good integration in society. At the same time, we need to secure Europe’s external border.
Europe must also become more self-sufficient in terms of external and internal security. Europe needs to act more coherently on defence and security, with greater autonomy in defence capabilities and more integration in areas such as common management of operations, procurement and cybersecurity. We also need to develop greater cooperation between national police forces and have better information sharing to fight terrorism more effectively.
However, a feeling of security depends also on general living conditions, respect of citizens’ rights and an environment of tolerance instead of radicalisation. We must do more to strengthen Europeans’ socio-economic security.
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Europe has to find a concrete and durable solutions on migration & asylum. Indeed, the migration and asylum system is not working anymore. In the world, 19.5 millions of people have been force to seek sanctuary abroad & all the governments have the duty to help them. It is really important that all the European countries take their responsibilities about the migrant crisis and all the future crisis. But Too many governments denied their responsibilities and they are still treating refugees as somebody else’s problem. This has to change, now. We need more solidarity and better Integration!

3 years, 2 months ago in Future of Europe

I think the economies of Europe is soo low so they have to get the solution for this problem

3 years, 1 month ago in Future of Europe

We need strong Europe, with strong Economy and best standards of Social Rights and Human values. But to have strong Economy we need the labor work our Industry requires to keep up with other industrial countries. where having education in Europe for present population and just and proper migration and asylum seekers polices come into effect (desperately needed work force) . On the other hand while we do not have a Europe with equal opportunities and economic situation for all in the Euro zone, growing number of People and following them their governments or representing political parties tending to far Right thinking that the causes are “EU and Migration”. Without creating a unique Europe for all the European Citizens we are bond to weaken the Union to the point of breaking it.

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