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Social democrats are not seen as a force close to the common people any longer. We are all crisis managers every day, but there is no perspective what people think it is worth fighting for. Dreams we are living for. Instead of campaigning at a European level, with people who are convinced about the advantages of Europe already will not bring Social democrats closer to the people. Especially since campaigning is often related to elections. Instead we should start a campaign called “Get local”, obliging to spend financial resources on local, very local meetings. All officials of the political group, including parliamentary assistents should spent at least 2 weeks a year in structures of the local.municipality. The SD group should start a project obliging all EU officials to spend two weeks on local level, to undergo a traineeship with organisations they are working for. Down to the lowest level. A program of the SD group and PSE party alles “Get local” should start immediately, listening to people at the local level, bringing together complaints ideas, making this part of the process of creating a plan for the future, being open for dreams. Europe, Brussels have to get back to Earth, fighting the imago of being a spaceship.
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Social democrats have lost power in Europe managing everydays life everyway. But the strategic ideas, progressive ideas, dreams uniting Social democrats all over Europe have gone lost underway

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