Be the global leader in the fight against climate change

We must take back our role as the global leader in the fight against climate change and in the implementation of the COP21 agreement. In doing so, the EU needs to phase out lignite and coal burning, abandon nuclear energy and diesel, while investing in renewables. The green and the circular economy will create many new jobs that can replace those lost by ceasing polluting activities.
3 years, 11 months ago in Energy Poverty
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A Europa deve optar pelas energias verdes ou renováveis pois para além de serem mais seguras para as comunidades onde são produzidas, promovem riqueza e desenvolvimento. Portugal tem também apostado fortemente na mobilidade eléctrica, garantindo desta forma a diminuição de gases com efeito de estufa ao mesmo tempo que renova a frota automóvel das empresas do estado, dando desta forma o exemplo! Portugal desenvolveu uma rede nacional de carregamento elétrico para automóveis que é pioneira a nível mundial! è necessário, agora, que as empresas possam pagar a energia a preços mais acessíveis pois a energia portuguesa ainda é das mais caras da Europa e há muitas pessoas, de classes mais desprotegidas que não têm dinheiro para pagar as contas de eletricidade, impossibilitando-as de ter casa quentes e confortáveis, principalmente nos locais mais frios do país.


EN Europe must opt for green or renewable energies because in addition to being safer for the communities where they are produced, they promote wealth and development. Portugal has also made a strong commitment to electric mobility, thus guaranteeing the reduction of greenhouse gases while renewing the automobile fleet of state companies, thus setting the example! Portugal has developed a national electric car charging network that is a pioneer worldwide! It is now necessary for companies to be able to pay for energy at more affordable prices because Portuguese energy is still the most expensive in Europe and there are many people from the most unprotected classes who do not have the money to pay electricity bills, to have a warm and comfortable home, especially in the colder places of the country.

2 years, 11 months ago in Energy Poverty

More than 6,000 cities have signed up to go further than EU climate targets. The European Union must become the Global Leader in the fight against climate change and in the implementation of the CO2 neutrality agreement as soon as possible while helping provide free green energy, new environmentally-friendly jobs and setting clear a European Basic Income for every EU citizen and especially for those in great need and suffering now from poverty and only stand by leaders who will fight climate change. In doing so, the EU must end fossil fuel subsidies and start investing more in renewables, and in this way it will ellicit both the USA and China’s attention and active more thoughtful response on the economical market of renewables and therefore it would compete by maximizing the prices of tax carbon so people will consume less of it and at the same time lowering the prices of renewables so people will use more of it therefore also proactively fighting the Climate Change’s main side effects such as: air conditioning; droughts; hurricanes; food shortages; lost wages; water scarcity; heat waves; wildfires; national security; flooding; home insurance and many disaster reliefs that will cost all the EU member countries a total sum of estimated 50 trillion (€) euros that will surely cost the tax payers by year 2030 therefore obstructing the eurozone creating a new crisis and negatively impacting the adherent member countries economy as well as their prosperity too, while also causing many anxious exits of many powerful or rich in natural resources countries such as the current brexit one, and all mainly because of primal fear. Therefore the EU needs to phase out the basic coal burning protocol, abandon dangerous nuclear energy and diesel, while investing solely in renewable energy sources. The green and the more flexible proactive economy will create so many new jobs that will replace those lost by ceasing any useless polluting activities whatsoever and promoting The Green Solar Cities project that will work splendidly to create new and retrofit low energy buildings with more effective solar energy technologies. Today, the more rational green urban planning is more important than ever and we already have facts about european cities that are focused on utilizing various approaches to sustainable development, and such are the greenest cities: Reykjavi- Iceland; Vaxjo-Sweden; Freiburg-Germany; Salzburg-Austria; Copenhagen- Denmark; London (a sustainable metropolis) of Great Britain and so forth. We urgently need to tackle the confusing situation where many cities aim at a smart city development but lack clear policies that help them achieve that in practice. In Denmark there are similar policies, with an overall aim of being completely CO2 neutral by 2025 in the city of Copenhagen. However, there is still a lack of understanding concerning how solar energy, as the world’s number one energy source, can play a major role in this and how this can be combined with energy efficiency policies, the use of district heating, and the possible more feasible use of combined heat and power. More than 6,000 European cities have signed up to the Covenant of Mayors, a voluntary commitment to go faster and further than EU climate targets. Their climate action plans call for, on average, a 28% cut in CO2 emissions by 2020, 8% more than the EU’s 2020 target. Therefore if the EU still wants to be a Global Leader and provider of free green renewable energy and if we all as highly concerned citizens want to see this happening as sooner as possible on a European scale, it is essential that we upgrade the continent’s ageing grid infrastructure, ensure that countries open up borders, increase interconnection and trade electricity on a single market! So we must be capable of making rational and both environmentally-friendly and cost-effectively decisions at the right scale and the right speed as it is now or never our main opportunity for a major win-win situation, in terms of both saving our frail and limited fossil fuel codependent economy and our beloved planet, just by choosing the most natural process of both ensuring prosperity and nurturing our planet’s most rich, healthy and generous nature.

3 years ago in Energy Poverty
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