We have to go to factories, schools and small cities! Get close to people!

People are afraid of losing control of their lives and they feel unrepresented in politics, especially on EU level. They are losers of the globalization and thanks to that, it is easy to convince them of nationalism, xenophobia and protectionism. It is task of Social Democracy to help them, they are our voters and supporters. And the S&D Group has to Go where they live and speak with them. We have to go to small regions, to the factories, schools and small cities. We have show people positive vision of our policy, our values and programs. We have to show them the good side of globalization, good side of the EU and good side of the cooperation. Things which effect their daily lives and things which are here because of EU and because of S&D policy. We have to answer their questions and stop their fear from globalization, migration, or even Brussels. We as Socialist and social democrats have to show them, that we will protect them and we will fight for their rights. So they stop voting for far-right parties and start to trust us. And we have to do it together, together on EU level, supporting each other and change the current situation.
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