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Abandoning the UE is not an occasion to isolate from the world, rather the necessary decision to refuse the intrinsically liberist policy Europe is based on (despite all the “social democracy” proclamations), seeing it ( the liberist ideology) as NOT modifiable being it the very foundation on which this Europe was built on in the first place. GB refused the current EU model, based on the subordination of democratic institutions and subordinate classes to the whims of Bruxelles’ technocrats and on the expoitation of lower classes by who has the means to do that (i.e. international capital). The only adequate environment on which to restore socialdemocracy nowadays, things staying as they are now, is the National State, where the demos should be redefined not in contraposition to other nationalities but in contraposition to neoliberist predatory élites. NOTE: I know, London is a beneficiary of international capital but it can be considered almost as a separate city-state with its own rules and economy that’s why is not considered beneficial to the overall well being of GB.
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We share a lot of your frustrations about the direction the EU has taken and agree things need to change to strengthen the social aspect of Europe. However, we have to disagree with what you see as the causes for this. Europe is not subordinating democratic institutions – MEPs in the European Parliament are directly elected by European citizens, the European Council is made up of national governments and the European Commission is accountable to both these bodies. The fact is that the EU has contributed to the longest period of peace and prosperity in modern European history. We live in an ever more globalised world and if we want to tackle the major issues we face – from tax evasion to climate change  -then we need to work effectively together. If we split into 28 separate national countries, we would see a race to the bottom on workers’ rights, tax, and environmental standards. For all the faults of the EU, it remains the best model we have to face common challenges and create the more progressives societies that we want to see.

3 years, 11 months ago in Brexit

Whether or not we have the EU, globalisation will continue to exist – through technology and through trade, we are more connected to each other and we are more interdependent than ever. That’s not going to go away just because the EU institutions are no longer there… In this context, how we can go back to “rebuilding social democracy only in the national state” when the challenges we face are international? I agree that global capitalism has negatively impacted the working class the most, but it’s only by having social democratic parties at the international level that we can effectively stand up for workers rights. It’s only internationally that we can push back against social dumping, hold multinational companies to account for tax evasion… Also re. Brexit – the UK as a whole in the EU has traditionally been the one pushing a more neo-liberal agenda so I’m not sure I agree with your interpretation of the Brexit vote as a rejection of the EU’s “liberal” ideology. Take a look at some Daily Mail or Sun headlines (the main newspapers pushing for Brexit) headlines to see how social democratic they are..

3 years, 11 months ago in Brexit

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Brexit is a terrifying thing not only for Brits but the whole european community. I believe that now everything is in hands of the citizens of UK. On the other hand brexit is the sour lesson. It teaches us that the leaders of the EU, that we need to fianally wake up and make some sirious steps to develop the union and enter a new level. There’s so much to do but I think that in this point we need to make a decision. Shall the EU become a European Federation or maybe just another trade union. For me the answer is obvious. The history showed us many times where the isolation policy leads. We need to ensure the safety future by creating the strong european structures – the true goverment with real power, the common army, single market, same currency, harmonised tax system, healthcare, education, solcial policy. Why? Because the local goverments will never do so. The local politicians will never renounce their power for the good of the whole european community. In politics we have a deficit of true social- people who actually care about their citizens, who know what they want, who know their problems and find a sollution to them. Is it actually so hard to make things better? It depends for whom. If somebody is just another bureaucrat who only thinks about how to stay longer in charge of the nation then the answer is yes. But I will never stop believing that there are good people in this world. Those who want to change it for better. Those who I can finally call my representatives.

2 years, 5 months ago in Brexit
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