Illegal immigration

That the migration of “illegal immigrants” to Europe through the southern gateway to the continent to migrate to the level of unilateral or level of institutions the European Union in general. The confrontation between the police and migrants, in addition to the killing of a number of migrants on the border between Morocco and Spain, a European and global approach that calls for practical solutions and more realistic Important solutions to preventing illegal immigration include: 1- Raise awareness and awareness about the risks and effects of illegal immigration 2- Making legislation and laws that improve the living conditions of migrants in their countries of origin. 3- Strengthen the security control on the border with Europe, especially the Arab countries because most of the migrants from the Arab world. 4- To help African countries provide job opportunities for the unemployed and improve living conditions by providing electricity, water and treatment to more citizens and pressure their governments to respect human rights and to prevent illegal immigration to Europe.
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This includes explaining the illegal migration of migrants to Europe and developing solutions to illegal immigration

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