Intersectionality Is Inevitable

As a feminist, I strongly believe in the equality of all gender to strive for a progressive labour market and future in general. Until this point we should have realized, that the only way to achieve more is to include the spectrum of gender. Since mainstream feminism is critically discussed on social media, I reinforce you to also look at the fundamental theory that drives this movement. It’s about equality, obviously. It’s about integrity of white women, women of color, women of lower social class and above as well. By internalizing that, we come together to intersectionality. Intersectional feminism spots, that every form of discrimination overlaps with gender, race, religion, wealth etc. That is why we can try to understand each other and show solidarity but will never be capable to speak for experienced sexism by others. A black woman experiences a different form of sexism as a white woman does. Only by assimilating intersectionality we will be able to embody a progressive and successful European Union.
4 months, 1 week ago in Women’s Rights
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Women’s rights are treated as a very vague matter, but there is no emphasis on certain aspects that send to respect the full extent of this right or at least some of the rights we can actually effectively enjoy. In same states, the legislation is very vague and even permissive regarding the violation of women’s rights, wich we are witnessing day by day. I am referring here, especially to the criminal legislation that I can say “encourages” attitudes such as the physical and phsyological harm of many women. Every day, more than two women are killed in the beating of their own husbands , concubines and so on, and legislation is very permissive in this aspect. in addition to the fact, that the women who are subject to these problems, they see themselves constrained to leave their home because they can no longer resist the physical, mental, economic and social harassment to which they are exposed by those who should protect them. i think that the legislation in this field needs to be changed from the ground, especially in some states where there is a mentality such as: “The beating is broken out of heaven!”. Facts should be severely punished in order to be aware of the severity the acts they commit over the woman with whom they cohabit and who have serious consequences even on the children. The phenomenon of domestic violence proliferates every day and, as far as legislation is a concerned, nothing improves, so the victims of these abuses are overcome by the situation. Besides this, the casual chain of these acts and crimes of a criminal nature are also reflected in the society accustomed to us with the resignation that “goes so!”. That’s why more and more women silence and endure the hard to imagine torture these days…

1 year, 9 months ago in Women’s Rights
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