Ireland still in the grip of austerity, corruption and injustice

Ireland fined 13 billion by the EU! A bill the Irish Government doesn’t want to collect! Meanwhile: The banks went broke in 2007 and the Irish People bailed them out to the tune of 80 billion euro +++. Now they evict us from our homes daily!!! Thousands are Homeless with thousands more in the courts where the vulture funds foreclose on family homes everyday! The privatization of our water is being push through against the wishes of the People even though we have paid for it through direct taxation for decades and there are already laws to underpin these payments! Thousands of People wait on trolleys in Hospital corridors across our country each day with hundreds of thousands waiting for months and years on waiting lists! The Irish government gave away a complete oilfield off our West coast to Shell for FREE! Tens of billions of euro that should have gone into the country’s coffers! The Irish government has turned its back on its People and turned instead to placating Corporations who take everything in return for cheap labour and short-term contracts! To the outsider, Ireland is the perfect pupil in it’s dealings with the EU but at home they are seen by many as Fascists who have put the Troika, the Banks and the Vulture funds before the wishes of the People and the ‘common good’!
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How Ireland has learned nothing from the crash of 2007 but in fact has become a much unjust and marginalised place to live

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