Less is More

As far as European Integration is concerned, Less, history teaches us, is More. One look at the past is enough to understand what the Union was built on and for : Peace in our time, cooperation between peoples, stability and prosperity for all. But those things have been stolen from us : peace have been achieved through silence, the ideal of cooperation has been used to promote a liberal agenda, stability and prosperity, which our elders rightfully considered as rights now appear to be privileges. The growing number of European leaders turning their back on the EU is nothing but the results of those dark dynamics : we never had dreams about economic cooperation though we could understand how that would allow our interactions to be even more relevant and healthy, but we can’t live in a Union of bosses and investors, of tax evasion and social dumping, of performances and failures. We need ideals to drive us forward, we need ideals to carry on with our lives, we need ideals to connect peoples otherwise divided by boarders, mountains, rivers and seas. For sometimes, waking up requires from us to dream first, we need to offer the workers and the peoples of the Union a common foundation of values and ideals that every European nations should pledge to honour and defend. Let the Union to the dreamers and the passionate! Let go of the pragmatists, of the selfish! For they are killing our Union, our ambitions, our aspirations and our hopes.
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Let's put ideals where they belong!

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great reflection, another type of European union is possible!!!

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