Migration, the problem of today

I think it would be better if we try to keep the wave of migration at an average level. Europe should encourage the regions with the highest migration wave to keep their populations in the country, to create conditions and to develop in their own environment. As we now see the emigration crisis in Syria, which never adapts to the culture and values of European countries. It is obvious that the European population is aging and the main solution of the leadership was to bring emigrants. Migrants who are socially inadequate and as much as we try to educate them in the European habitat will be wrong. The solution would be to offer them the possibility to emigrate in areas that are close to their values and traditions, and especially the mentality.
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We observe that the wave of migration at European level has increased in the last years by 12%. Everyday we hear news that reminds us that the number of migrants is growing from day to day. And then what do we have to do? What should Europe do to protect its population from this wave?

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A particularity of the European integration project, kickstarted in the 1950s is that, unlike any other project before this, at its core does not have a shared political or ethnic identity, but rather shared values. While the union of the USA was started out of a shared ethnic and political history, the European Union started as a union of values. European countries decided to get close together on the basis of the same values we all share. With time, the European model differentiated itself from the American one: universal healthcare, gun control, accessible education also at the university level are only some of the differences. These were all initiated by the deep belief in social equality and other social values that constituted the basis of the social-democratic movement around Europe. Nowadays these are so deeply rooted in our system and culture that no political party would attempt to undermine them. Nevertheless the basis that united the European countries is now being lost and being forgotten. This is contributing to create a crisis in the union. Only going back to our uniting values will help the EU to overcome this moment of crisis. Only if we decide to build even more the United Social Europe will we be able to prosper again and overcome this dire period. The United Social Europe can only start after the Social-Democratic movement will restate and truly coordinate itself at the European level rather than the National one. It is more and more necessary to show a united face and to state again what are the values of the movement that, due to the turbulent political climate, are being lost of sight. Starting the renewed social-democratic movement that at its core does not have only social justice and equality, but also transparency and Europe will be the basis for a new spring of social-democracy and for the renewal of the United Social Europe project that, for too long, has been decaying. It is time to bring clarity on Social-Democracy and what being a European Social-Democrat is, it is time for transparency and clarity, fundamental more than ever to have a bright future.

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