More Cohesion, More Erasmus

We must expand the program and budget of the Erasmus + program, an Erasmus for workers of all types and for students under the age of 18, to anticipate and overcome cultural, social and linguistic difficulties.

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I was Erasmus in 2012 and i think like you, because i think that The Erasmus programm os valid not only for the formation and education, too in valors of life, be independent, safeself and know other culture.

The Erasmus for students under the age of 18 is very important to overcome the boundaries and improve our skills as soon as possible. ¡Good proposal!

Totally agree

Totally agree! In order to build fellowship, cohesion and create a sense of belonging, we need to encourage contact and exchange of opinions among those that we want to bring together.

el programa Erasmus es el mejor instrumento para construir Europa,mejoremoslo!!!

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