We need peace, not wars!

We are not living good times. Besides poverty and shortcomings, there are wars, as if something would be solved that way. On the contrary, the wars increase even more poverty, they bring disasters and misfortunes. Europe and the world do no need wars, on the contrary, we must “preach” peace and respect it! War raises even more all forms of hatred, while peace fades them. Wars have destroyed children, homes, village, cities, states, consciousness, while in times of peace, many goals were accomplished. Good cooperation to solve military conflicts should be an alternative to any dispute. History, is like a versed woman who has gone through many in her life and from which we should learn. Let’s learn from history’s mistakes and not repeat them, otherwise risk falling into the trap a “total war” and that’s what we do no need, not now, neither in the future! Peace is the best treatment for the world , after which any state can guide in troubled times.
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It's our desires, now, more than anything and any time. We see that the world is much vulnerable than 10 years ago, for example... Europa must find the better solutions in order to pass through problems which confront them. It is not easy, but through dialog, comprehension and peace, will manage to achieve good results for many problems.

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