The path for an effective integration

We know how challenging and difficult an integration process can be for refugees and for immigrants seeking better opportunities. However it’s our responsibility to make this process as easy as possible for them. With more work and effort from the governments we can spread more the immigrants throughout the countries in onder to integrate them to local customs and values instead of building camps and pretending that the problem was solved while nowadays many European cities are suffering from the low birth rate as the years pass, resulting in empty houses and even in the death of entire towns and villages. It’s our time to kill two birds with one stone and help immigrants to build a better and safer life and to help our towns to grow again with the help of our strong and brave brothers.
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Exactly, I only understand the presence of those camps for a limited time like let’s say one week to check the migrants under such a patterns like health, criminal records or to simply ask them where they would like to go. I mean that some of them might already have famillies or friends in the EU so we should not split them up. Besides that it’s our duty to help them accomodate in our community. Free language courses, maybe some labour workshops to rise their qualifications if they do not have any yet. It’s very important to help them beacuse we have to prevent the situation when some closed communities are formed. I think we could even make this a bigger program for all Europeans not only those future ones. I think this would be a huge step in european integration process and would benefit in rise of cultural diversity as well as the rise of tollerance on our continent.

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A platform where: People/Refugees can: • Apply for free language courses (Certificates should be offered by government) • Apply for vocational trainings (Provide opportunities and ways to get qualifications/connect with companies) • Offer/Seek free legal & economical advice • Offer/Seek free psychological advice (The legal, economical, psychological advices will be provided voluntarily by young professionals, which later on will get support and certifications from the Government and have their CV equipped for international level) • Seek job opportunities (Connect with companies & Governmental Office of Employment) • Connect with private/public educational institutions (Offer free and full scholarships for young refugees that have good academic results) Other activities & missions of the platform: • Organize & train the youth to volunteer for UNCHR refugee camps in Europe (Online Application) The Media & The Online Platform 1. Living Libraries 2. Interviews Offered by refugees that will get help from us. 3. Articles 4. Perspective/Shared Experience • Companies that offer their services & advertisement in our online platform (Money that will come from this advertisements will be used for facilitating the refugees’ needs and improving our services) • Promote young activists (It should be used to promote young journalists, young politicians & on the other hand to give opinion and influence positively the way refugees are seen) • Scientific articles/economical & social analysis • Competition for documentaries/ reports • Interviews: Perception of distinguished figures • T-Shirt online campaign with powerful messages, in cooperation with VIP-s ( money will be used for refugees)

I think we all agree on one – that everybody who comes to Europe should find a safe harbour in here. However we should not end on that. The migration crisis stopped but it might happen again. We need to help the developin countries to finally “spread the wings”, create their own strong economies – it is not a dream, this all might happen with just a little help from us – the EU. The European Comission came with an idea called the “Juncker plan” – that’s great but it is not enough. In my opinion the european community should finally look deeper into the matter of corporate exploatation of developing countries (as the tittle says). The thing is that big brands/comanies like Apple, H&M are getting benefits from people in Africa, Asia, South Africa. In 2012 the 150 workers of Foxconn – the huge electronics company whcich products electronics for Apple, Intel etc. – thretaned to commit the massive suicide if the wroking conditions do not improve. In 2012 one worker commited suicide and in 2013 the three workes jumped out of the window. After that every window in a factory was secured by the net wchich would prevent the further suicides. That’s why the EU should make it clear that all products which are going to be sell on our teritorry come from reliable source where the working conditions are fulfilling at least minimal standards. There should be a special labour agency wchich would monitor the factories outside the EU by unexpected visitations a few times per year. The agency should also check if the employees get the fair salary for their work. I know that it sounds complicated but it would be a huge, amazing step in our fight for social justice in Europe. This would also make the competition between companies fair because small, righteous, entrepreneurs would have the same chances as big companies who are using those who are desperate.

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