PES double-memberships

For more than 150 years, socialists and democrats in Europe have been fighting for democracy, freedom, equality, peace and justice. We are a big movement with millions of members and a proud history. With the S&D Group, we have a strong, active voice in the European Parliament. Among many other victories, we have been able to win the fight for a European youth guarantee and more sustainable investments in the EU. With its new sustainable development strategy, the Group is giving fresh impetus to the development of innovative progressive policies that strive to turn globalisation into an engine of social, economic, and environmental progress. Engaging with our constituents as part of the Progressive Society initiative is a key strand of our work in this respect. With FEPS we have an innovative think tank with a valuable network all over Europe. It enables us to discuss and develop our common vision for a stronger and more social Europe by collecting and building on the knowledge of social democratic researchers and think tanks all over Europe. We are lucky to have such a unique organization in our family. The PES is a major political force in Europe and defines and adopts common policies for all member parties. It shapes progressive European policies and makes Europe work for its people. Our daily work would not be possible without the PES. We have to further strengthen it. Many members of the national parties are committed Europeans who wait for an opportunity to become more active on a European level. The PES should think about becoming actual members party that gives all its activists the opportunity to take part in its political work. Introducing double-memberships in the PES and the PES member parties could be a way to achieve this goal.
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