Plan for a United, Social, Green Europe

What should the Europe look like in the next 5 years? I think it is obvious, it should be the community which works for everybody not a few. The one which focuses on people – the needs of Europeans and what comes with it the environment. It is they key moment in our history when we need to take major steps to finally stop the climate change. To act for the both peoples’ and animals’ conditions. It should be the more united, stronger Europe which finally is a player on international ground not just the follower. Why? To bring our European values to different countries in Africa, Asia, America. We need to ensure that ALL products which come to the EU come from responsible sources, from companies which respect human rights, working conditions and dignity. We finally have to take responsibility for our past decisions and help developing countries in their way to sustainable societies for everyone. In summary I would suggest: – creation of the European labour agency which would verify the working conditions of imported items. The ones which come from producers which don’t respect the workers rights or have a negative impact on the environment should be prohibited. – further European integration in aim to eventually create one European federal country. – the head of the European Commision should be chosen in direct elections by all European citizens. – the role of the European council should be smaller. It should have the ability to block the Parliament decisions. – the European Parliament should have a bigger role. – the member states which don’t respect the European values should be influenced to do so. – we have to bring the Eastern Europe closer to the western by destroying the economic borders between our societies. – harmonise all laws and taxes across the whole EU – ensure that all Europeans have access to the same standards of education across Europe – Create one educational programme for the whole EU (to ensure the same standards of education) – Let the people vote for transnational elections list – Common European Army – Euro currency in every European country – Creation of the European Constitution – Common European energy market – The same prizes of medicine across Europe – Ensure that all European companies no matter if from east or west are treated the same and have the same chances to start a business – Ensure that giant companies pay their taxes – Ensure abortion until the 12tg week as the human right, the abortion should be available for everybody in every member state – LGBT+ rights should be protected across the EU ( transfusion, same sex Marriages, change of gender identity in documents should be implemented in every member state) – The church should pay it taxes equally as the rest of the society, it shouldn’t be excluded from it. The division of church and the state should be ensured in every member state. – invest in renewable energy and resign totally from coal until 2030
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Europe… the queen of all the civilizations, which we all memorize through the opulence and wellbeing of Renascence, that is our standard and that is where we should be heading to, in the Europe of Renascence as an idol, facing together the challenges of the time we are living. Our past is clear, we come from a past we all are proud of. Our Europe has proven to raise through the dark times and ages, our Europe has shown that is capable of going through the mistakes of history, learning the lessons and standing stronger, through the union of its nations. Our history has shown us that only united and together we can be better and only together we can reach prosperity for all our European citizens. Today and at the present, Europe is not living its best times, but I do believe that better days are coming. I do believe that better days are ahead and the only capable and political structure that will lead us to the Europe we all dream about are the progressives of Europe, the Social and Democrats, a structure and a party I have invested my trust, myself and in which I do Believe. Europe in five years is a greater community, expanded to its other half, the countries of the Western Balkans. Only through enlargement and inclusion of the Western Balkans as an integral part of it, Europe will prevent other threatening influences, who aim to challenge its geo political domination in different aspects of exercising of authority. Western Balkans as a part of European Union, means a stronger Europe and a better control in the territories and policies of our future Europe, means better lives for all our European citizens. In five years Europe ought to be a community with more strategies towards better and fairer labor conditions, where workers not only fight for their salaries and rights. In the future Europe we will be working for decent life of the working force and at the core of our strategies will be the human dignity. We will be working to reach the empowerment of all the vulnerable groups, because only so we will be able to have better individuals who create better and healthier families. Only through this we will be able to empower our communities and so on our societies, our countries and European Union as a whole. Europe will be an environmental friendly for the children of the European citizens and the emigrants. We will reach it and be able to provide for all, without damaging the economy of no one. In these aspect, it is an urge and challenge of the present, for the politicians, to build a strategy for regulating and redirecting the economy, spreading the workforce in areas less populated, redirecting and inspiring new branches for the development of our economies, aiming towards complementizing the needs of our economies. It is a must that in the Europe of the next 5 years, the new generation to be aware of the importance of the European Union. Only in this way we will be able that in the near future to prevent phenomena like populism and Brexit. We will provide spaces and more alternatives for the new generation to come together, learn about the history of Europe and communicate and be active towards building new strategies to address all the phenomena concerning our societies. Not only this, but through online platforms there will be spaces for the communication of all the European citizens interested in being included in the direct decision making and contribution in politics and policies that affect them in their everyday life. Only by including as many citizens as possible in our policies and as we face our challenges, we will have more aware individuals towards the policies and strategies we aim to implement. Only like this we will be undefeated and unchallenged by populism. Only through inclusion of more citizens on our everyday struggle for a better Europe, step by step, the only challenge left will be better policies for better lives of our European citizens.

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