The poor of Romania Country

In the following, I wold like to draw attention to the fact that the European Union, trough competent institutions, needs to take urgent action against natural resource abuses. In Romania after 1989 were sold and destroyed to “the last molecule” everything that meant workplaces, factories, parks, recreational resorts, were given in concession, for money of no hectares of land, and so on. In Romania the abuses continued with illegal retrocessions of buildings, using all sort of economic and financial “engineers”, the law was eluded and so… …And so, in our country, for more than twenty years, the mafia of wood has been ravaging. The last drop of oxygen that we have left with the nonsense and defiance is also stealing. Politicians and those in custody of our forests, the forests that our grandparents and our parents planted, do not care, give the wood mafia the destroying of the woods! It is an alarming situation and no one takes any measure. National Anti-corruption Division and all the other institutions make circus instead dealing with the major problems facing Romania at the moment. I think it is more than just the intervention of the European Union in the sense of imposing the change of the Forest Code… After being sore and poor, the country is taking the last “drop” of wood… We became slaves in our own country. Corruption and the Game of Democracy led Romania a century and a half ago.
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