protection and promotion of human rights in Diverse EU

My name is Petra, I’m a 23 year old Romanian girl. Been an advocate for non discrimination and the rights of persons with disabilities at a very high level such as the European Parliament in 2009 and the Fundation for European Progressive studies in 2016. However, I’m still the white stick user who gets pushed on the stairs at the metro station where people rush before train doors close in a blink, the blind student who took a chance to drop the special educational system and ended up with two bachelor degrees… and I’m not bragging… I’m actually noticing people even in more westernized countries, people who are not only persons with disabilities but maybe people with a different sexual orientation/gender issue, religion, race, ethnicity and so on… Awareness raising is great and growing in the EU but is it enough? I started my innitiative in Romania by getting employed in the National Authority for Persons with disabilities and finding jobs or occupation for my friends with disabilities. Then I created a small organization where my mom carries out her job as a therapist doing her best to integrate parents of disabled youngsters and I’m doing my best to find stuff for them out of the sterilized protected environment of their home or of society limits. I think this kind of initiative can be extended also at EU level and not only by covering persons with disability as a target group but also everyone who is in their way beautifully different. I am a leftist and I encourage mutual cooperation and the opportunity of offering any kind of resource from a good listening friend to a great and hardworking manager! by involving we can change mentalities and it doesn’t have to be a continuous fight against the world but an emphatic peaceful friendship! Our UN convention on the Rights of Persons with disabilities advocates the protection and promotion of the rights of persons with disabilities. I think this principle can be extended to advocate all human rights in a very diverse Europe!!! I hope friends will come up and join the idea and also get involved and enjoy building a diverse and brilliant Europe where people live for unity , peace and community!!!

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