Strong Participatory Democracy!

With all the formidable challenges that confront us, none is more daunting than that of active participation in a common solution. Moving outside Facebook’s personalised news-feed of self-confirmation and a willingness to consider views and beliefs outside our own may be difficult, but it is vital to transformative positive change.   Whether we like it or not, the manner in which we respond together to the global challenges will determine our fate. In this respect, we have to fight tirelessly to reduce the existing barriers to increase participation in our democratic life. It is not enough for voting to be easy; people have to want to take part. For people to want to participate in the political process, they must be convinced that their participation actually does matter —it must have a tangible impact on policy decisions, and improve people’s well-being.   If we want an EU capable of transforming our societies, it needs to have real capacity to deliver for the common good and it must function in an open and transparent way. Democracy and sovereignty at European level should enrich democracy and sovereignty at national level. For us, this is a key moment to shape a new positive future, to work for unity, cohesion and transformation, against divisions and new walls, fighting against, nationalism and populism.
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By 2030, cities around the world will be responsible for 74% of the greenhouse gas emissions. Facing this challenge, we must not only be ambitious but also visionary. In this spirit, we must give priority to the circular economy and eco-design, foster environmental education and choose a radical and effective energy transition. Cities have always been in the forefront of change. Cities in Europe have countless of concrete solutions that will enable humanity to overcome the planetary challenges that we have already started to face.   We must reinvent our cities, finding novel ways for our fellow citizens to make way for cultural, economic, social and societal innovation. In this respect, we must truly use technological innovation at the service of sustainable cities, ensuring that our European cities are the most prosperous and dynamic on earth. Their strength comes from values of tolerance and mutual respect that unite our peoples far more than our differences divided us. Tolerance equals strength!   A year after President Trump announced the US exit from the Paris Climate Agreement we need to continue our collective fight with unwavering determination. We need to knock down walls and put up bridges. We need for forge truly progressive urban policies for cities where life is good.   We need to continue to fight contamination, choosing clean energies and favoring electric modes of transportation, car-pooling and cycling. We need even stronger commitment towards finding the proper solutions to achieve universal shared progress for the good of the people. For this reason, we need to ensure that we can collect best practices on ecological transformation across Europe, using in-depth local and regional knowledge.

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