Sustainability as the backbone for our future and equality!

The biggest challenge in the upcoming decades is to successfully make the transition towards a green and cleaner economy. As we all know, climate change will have a meaningful impact in our lives, especially of those who are more disadvantaged. Several studies demonstrate that poverty and inequality are expected results from extreme climate events, a changing ecosystem and, evidently, resource shortage. Therefore, we, as socialists, have the duty to ensure environmental protection and widespread usage of renewable energy while, simultaneously, advocating for new ways of human organization and lifestyle, namely in cities. The latter will have a crucial role in our common future. Urban density, when combined with proper public transportation and planned infrastructures, can ensure a more efficient society. Proper management of the local resources will lead to more efficient business, economy and society, which no longer struggle with it – this includes recycling, water and waste management. Incentives for decarbonisation and education on sustainability practices are also directly responsible for laying the ground to a more inclusive and green society. Fundamentally, we need to guide our investment and innovation efforts towards transforming our society within the global climate and environmental challenges. Ensuring sustainable options is the best way to promote prosperity, equality and fairness. We need to act – the future of the human race depends on it.
2 years, 8 months ago in The Europe of Tomorrow; it’s left!
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We need to adapt our economy and lifestyle to the limits of the Earth. The environment and ecology overall should be a primal aspect of human life going forward - only then we will be able to ensure a fair future, where development and progress is also a synonym of sustainability!

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By 2030, cities around the world will be responsible for 74% of the greenhouse gas emissions. Facing this challenge, we must not only be ambitious but also visionary. In this spirit, we must give priority to the circular economy and eco-design, foster environmental education and choose a radical and effective energy transition. Cities have always been in the forefront of change. Cities in Europe have countless of concrete solutions that will enable humanity to overcome the planetary challenges that we have already started to face.   We must reinvent our cities, finding novel ways for our fellow citizens to make way for cultural, economic, social and societal innovation. In this respect, we must truly use technological innovation at the service of sustainable cities, ensuring that our European cities are the most prosperous and dynamic on earth. Their strength comes from values of tolerance and mutual respect that unite our peoples far more than our differences divided us. Tolerance equals strength!   A year after President Trump announced the US exit from the Paris Climate Agreement we need to continue our collective fight with unwavering determination. We need to knock down walls and put up bridges. We need for forge truly progressive urban policies for cities where life is good.   We need to continue to fight contamination, choosing clean energies and favoring electric modes of transportation, car-pooling and cycling. We need even stronger commitment towards finding the proper solutions to achieve universal shared progress for the good of the people. For this reason, we need to ensure that we can collect best practices on ecological transformation across Europe, using in-depth local and regional knowledge.

2 years, 9 months ago in The Europe of Tomorrow; it’s left!
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