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European Union is a union of states which should cooperate to establish new taxation standards and full transparency. Secrets of big companies revealed by whistleblowers shining light on the current situation. Millionaires aren’t contributing to societies, big corporations uses loopholes to avoid taxation. This fact is unacceptable. It is important to liquidate tax heavens in Europe, implement new platform for financial transfers, create new laws to protect whistleblowers who are revealing truth about the illegal practises of companies. Fair Europe is possible.
3 years, 11 months ago in Tax Justice
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I agree with stadarisation of EU Taxes but based on PERCENTAGE, as in the case of Portugal, the minimum salary is halt of in all other countries in the EU. The British had a formula which seemed very equalizing: 30% of what one earns – including properties or/and salaries – and obviously a rule of NO INDIRECT TAXES ALLOWED! The Portuguese people should also learn how to become interesting and participating citizens – and then feel part of the EU in all the issues that concern a better Portuguese such as : 1. Less Burocracy 2. More Transparency in Government financial decisions 3. Smaller number of Parlamentary deputees 4. Constant Audits to Ministries, Institutes, Banks, NGOs, Foundations, etc., which are all the departments that live off the Government/Tax Payers money. 5. An Education turned to the future…Degrees more according with the Market Needs. 6. Health issues that follow the mais EU Rules for a better health for all. 7.8.9… MORE EUROPE IN PORTUGAL BUT LESS “MAIN ACTORS” from Germany and <france , as this is the main reason of the BREXIT

3 years, 1 month ago in Tax Justice

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