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In the heart of democracy lies the true controversial element of our political structure which is how can we truly benefit the lives of the very people that struggle with migration aren’t being allowed in certain areas of Europe to reform and flourish their contributions to society. Instead for example in Italy, particularity African refugees or migrants can not contribute to a system that can not prepare or allow them to advance in a career. Yes there are programs for languages, however instead of selling bracelets, there needs to be another way in which immigrants can bring an advantage in the career field. For example, in some countries, such as Senegal, French is spoken. Northern Africans in Tunisia also can bring this asset in the work force. However, the questioning of a sustainable system needs to be revealed, but, this question also reveals Italy’s economic as well as political structure. That in itself, needs to be questioned first to reveal the answer when it comes to the relations of the stranieri or the foreigners. First, the realization that Italy is still an early unified country needs to be evaluated . And there are still tensions between the different regions in Italy. Second, the concept that until 1991, Italy had never been modernly accustomed to difference, therefore this is the opportunity to allow new laws to emerge because of how recent immigration has become. And finally, the end result will be how the Italian Parliament can accept this difference, as well as Italians as a whole. This will be the resulting question that will determine Italy’s democratic notions when it comes to immigration.
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My statement discusses the question that is being resented in Italy for refugees or immigrants.

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