The Disaster of Brexit

When Britain leaves the EU, which seems inevitable now that Article 50 is about to be signed, I shall be in the unique position of remaining an EU citizen and losing my EU citizenship. It’s because I have dual nationality (Irish & British) At the moment, I live in France. I have also lived in Spain. It is likely that British people will lose the freedom to easily travel to the other 27 EU countries. That’s bad news for anyone wanting to study in another EU country, to take a European holiday, to live and work elsewhere in the EU and to retire to warmer climes. Over two million British people are currently living elsewhere in the EU. Then there are the EU citizens living and working in the UK. They are nervous about their futures. Many work in key positions, such as in the health service. A “Little England” culture, isolated from our neighbours, will make the UK a poorer place. We need to communicate, share and engage in exchanges with people from other nations on our doorstep, Many people were very uncertain about how to vote in last year’s referendum. The issues were cloudy to say the least. Politicians and the MSM must take much of the blame. They told lies and massaged data. The leave campaign exaggerated issues like, for example the number of laws determined by Europe. Surely, it is better to debate and discuss EU-wide laws from the inside. Many EU laws designed to protect workers and the vulnerable will be lost and not replaced, leaving the protection, health and safety of the UK population at risk. The referendum result was very close, but the government have taken the result to constantly refer to ‘the will of the people.” How often is the will of the people ever taken into account when making life-changing decisions for the population? Business-wise, around half of Britain’s exports go to other EU countries. Putting up barriers with these countries that Britain trades with would be unwise and counterproductive. Around three million jobs are linked to the EU. Banks are already making plans to leave the UK. the City could collapse because the financial trading inside the EU helps to boost banks’ profits. In the 21st century, we live in a global society. We can connect to people everywhere. To have the opportunity to build a good future together is there if we reach out to one another. Europe as a union was founded after the Second World War. We have had peace in Europe since then. We should be opening our doors and our hearts. We should not be putting up a ‘Berlin wall’ We must not become a reclusive little island floating off the coast of Europe. Philomena Digings
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Brexit is a terrifying thing not only for Brits but the whole european community. I believe that now everything is in hands of the citizens of UK. On the other hand brexit is the sour lesson. It teaches us that the leaders of the EU, that we need to fianally wake up and make some sirious steps to develop the union and enter a new level. There’s so much to do but I think that in this point we need to make a decision. Shall the EU become a European Federation or maybe just another trade union. For me the answer is obvious. The history showed us many times where the isolation policy leads. We need to ensure the safety future by creating the strong european structures – the true goverment with real power, the common army, single market, same currency, harmonised tax system, healthcare, education, solcial policy. Why? Because the local goverments will never do so. The local politicians will never renounce their power for the good of the whole european community. In politics we have a deficit of true social- people who actually care about their citizens, who know what they want, who know their problems and find a sollution to them. Is it actually so hard to make things better? It depends for whom. If somebody is just another bureaucrat who only thinks about how to stay longer in charge of the nation then the answer is yes. But I will never stop believing that there are good people in this world. Those who want to change it for better. Those who I can finally call my representatives.

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