There’s no Europe without Progressive politics

European Union, despite of these decades of conservative politics, is the GREAT legacy of the XX century: a century devastated by wars, death, intolerance and inequality, capable to generate an uthopia based on three simple concepts, in nect discontinuity with the past. Europe became, in less than 50 years, the homeland of the Civil and Human Rights (Equality), of the Welfare and Social security (Wealth) and the guiding light of democracy for the entire World (Peace). The path is so long, and progressive ideals must play the key role in the next year, in the perspective of the creation of the a new European Union based on the effective equality; a place where no one may suffer of poverty, a place where the first aim of governments must be to fight for job and the lack of it. A place builded on the Social ideal that you can’t be satisfied if there’s someone behind yourself. A place that despise intolerance, that is ready to save people and include them easily into the society. The only way possible is to fight for socialist and democratic ideals, to incourage the socialist family and put our leaders to be brave and not frighten of the challenges that future deals with. For leaving to our children a better world than we had.
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Awareness of the key role of socialist and democratic ideals for building a brand new Europe

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