#UniVest Schloarships for Refugees – Education Saves Lives

We ask from the European Union in collaboration with EU universities to undertake gender balanced mobility programs for young refugees or/and citizens coming from countries with high possibility of their citizens to be granted asylum and to offer them scholarships in order to be able to come safely and legally to study in our Union. It could be done also through the expansion of Erasmus Program. An Erasmus that will also include refugees ! Scholarships should cover tuition fees, travel expenses and the cost of decent living in the reception countries. One position in each one of the higher education Institutions of the EU means 3300 young refugees per year should be offered a chance for a new life but also the educational background to rebuild their home countries the day after the conflicts. But it means also something more. It means that they will also become our culture ambassadors that they will play a key role in the near future for the establishment of core values of the Union, like peace and democracy, in their home countries and they will be a permanent link of the Union and third countries.
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Student ! The most frequently mentioned occupation of those refugees questioned in a survey carried out by UNHCR in various locations in Greece along the Greek-Turkish border. Most refugees that are fleeing the conflict in Syria are, educationally, the flowers of their country. We, the PES Activists, cannot stand to see flowers withering. We are ready to take action and work together with progressive parties and citizens ! Our Statement has already be signed by more than 600 Activists from 20 different countries of the our Union but also from other States outside EU.

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