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As a Member of European Parliament and VP of Socialists and Democrats, responsible for Communication, I strongly believe that our engagement with the citizens is of crucial importance. We need to communicate Europe better, change our rigid Brussels language, make our policies more tangible and make our citizens believe that what we do is changing their life for the better. And we can only do that if we actively engage with them. We have to start to listen to one another. Brussels is too often percieved as a closed circle of political elites and business lobbyists. We need to break with these practices where ever they exists in order to improve the image of “weak European policies and distant European parliamentarians”. I believe I belong to a generation of progressive, modern politicians that are close to young and “revolutionary” voices, but I also have respect for criticism and experience of those who have lived through crisis, poverty and despair. As a former journalist, I often say that politicans and journalists have something in common. People in both professions need to be experts on how to communicate with the public. They also need to have the knowledge and be able to deliver the content. So my question is: How to engage our citizens more actively in the European project and how to increase the participation in the election processes? First of all, by being someone that our people can trust. I don’t want to live in a Slovenia where I do not have any decent opportunities for an education or a job. I don’t want to live in a Europe where I have to be afraid of nationalism, intolerance, hate speech or xenophobia. I want a Europe for the people. Current discussions about the Spitzenkandidat and the transnational lists are important for engaging all Europeans in the discussions about the future of Europe. We find ourselves at the crossroad of what kind of integration we want. It is crucial we discuss this together. Perhaps it has never been as important as today that our citizens voice their opinion. For an alternative Europe, for a Europe that brings back trust and strength to our citizens. Chosing the Spitzenkandidat can be one of the tools to create a single European electorat which strengthens our European identity. The decision on transnational lists will demand more fine tuning, but it can also be a step in the right direction to give our citizens a truly European choice. Though one can not be so naïve that the election proceedures themselves will bring a greater number of voters to the polls. I believe that confidence is what really matters. The confidence that our chosen leaders will work with the people for the people’s interests and put citizens back in the heart of their politics. This is what I stand for. As someone who strongly believes that we need each other, I think we need to share and promote ideas that create a better life for everyone, a decent and dignified life with equal rights and equal opportunities, for a just and social Europe that promotes peace, stability, tolerance and openess. For a modern and strong European Union in which each and everyone will feel safe and be proud to say: ”I am a European!”
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Dear Tanja, as a Member of European Parliament and VP of Socialists and Democrats, responsible for Communication, you should know better than to spread these false allegations and the odd info that Brussels is too often perceived as a closed circle of both political elites and business lobbyists is actually a cognitive bias, more like a stereotype or rather a popular misconception due to bad promotion itself or reversed feedback campaigning made by people responsible for spreading these false memes such as yourself and I think that is a clear proof of a complete lack of professionalism. I’m sorry to disagree with your core beliefs, but European policies are not weak nor its the formal language too rigid nor do we completely lost confidence that our chosen leaders will stop working with for the people’s interests, but rather we do have great faith, we vote, we stand by our leaders, especially those who fight climate change, we remain proactive and keep our civic discourse more objective and proper. As you, me and every citizen out there has the right to participate in the democratic life of the Union, in the run-up to the European election of 2019, we all need to make sure that we’re going to be more proactive and spread the good word while having trust in the people responsible will do their assignment while successfully managing the principle of the Spitzenkandidaten, that is, the election of the President of the European Commission among pan-European lead candidates of the European political parties, will be repeated on the fundamental basis of transparency. As humans we evolved on this planet over the last hundreds of thousands of years in an environment that is local and linear and we’re living in a world that is totally globalized. Something happens in China, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden or South Korea, it affects you in Germany, Poland and them in The United States of America literally just a few minutes later, through lower stock prices, high carbon taxes, renewable energy sources, solar cities, news, whatever it might be. That’s a global planet we’re living on. Multifactorial causative type of disruptive stress can actually affect and challenge our linear thinking as the only constant is change itself therefore the world is surely changing either incrementally or moreover exponentially so we need to stay proactive, green and fresh in any way possible needed, be it essentially and clearly electorally and afterwards be it both environmentally-friendly and eco-effectively and therefore economically efficient too!

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