I was there and voting when we joined I have no desire to be here when we leave. I hear a lot about getting the best deal from people who should be aware that this is what we already have. We are members of the only democratic trading group. The EU isn’t perfect, neither am I, however it can be improved and it has been being improved over the years. I’m unable to find any logical reason for leaving this association it’s the very best on the planet. I have five grandchildren all studying sciences from A level to PhD they and their friends are of one opinion out of the EU there will be no future for them so most are for leaving, mainly for Europe. Of my two children one is a senior junior school teacher she feels under appreciated and over worked. No longer able to teach properly only to get children through government exams. Although she is looking for a deputy head position she would get out of teaching if she could, not because she doesn’t like teaching she loves it but because of nonsense she is forced to deal with put there by governments. Things that are not going to help educate her children. My son is a database expert working for an American based company. His wife is Italian/British national and he is studying for Italian nationality then he will take his skills to the EU as like his children he can’t see a future in the UK out of the EU. Now for me I’m in my 80s and following both a bankruptcy, following serious surgery, I’m a widower and when my wife died I went to pieces and spent every available Lenny I could lay my hands on. So I worked in the pharmaceutical industry for the last twenty years of my working life until I was 78, to pay off the debts. So I would only be a financial burden to another country so I would feel that it would be unethical for me to move away from England. Both before and after this very flawed lie supported advisory referendum I did some research on the EU and found it was far better than any other such group. In any case I know and feel I’m a European this group of islands are part of Europe’s Atlantic shelf so we are physically part of Europe. The vast majority of our ancestors came from Europe admittedly we now have people from a wider social group from our late colonies. People who’s ancestors fought and died in two world wars for this they country, they also stood by us in other conflicts so as far as I’m concerned their descendants are welcome here. What I really want to say is that the very best interests of this nation lie in the EU not outside it. I hear lots of political nonsense about how we will get this and that trade deal with the rest of the world. The problem is that currently we already have extremely good deals through the EU. These have been negotiated from the strength of the EU. Out of the EU we will have to start from the bottom and we will be negotiating deals with more powerful markets than ours so we negotiate from a very weak position. We will be forced to accept trade governance from secret courts that ensure that our government cannot make trade rules or laws that don’t suit the multinational companies that are at the centre of all these deals. The only intelligent place for the UK is in the EU, leaving will make us very much weaker as Scotland will definitely leave the UK and it is more than likely that Northern Ireland will make a joint government arrangement with Ireland to become one country outside of the U.K. Me I would love to move to Scotland and spend my last few years there but it would mean that they would have to give me both health and financial aid and that wouldn’t be ethical. George Farmer A European.
3 years, 11 months ago in Brexit
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Brexit is a terrifying thing not only for Brits but the whole european community. I believe that now everything is in hands of the citizens of UK. On the other hand brexit is the sour lesson. It teaches us that the leaders of the EU, that we need to fianally wake up and make some sirious steps to develop the union and enter a new level. There’s so much to do but I think that in this point we need to make a decision. Shall the EU become a European Federation or maybe just another trade union. For me the answer is obvious. The history showed us many times where the isolation policy leads. We need to ensure the safety future by creating the strong european structures – the true goverment with real power, the common army, single market, same currency, harmonised tax system, healthcare, education, solcial policy. Why? Because the local goverments will never do so. The local politicians will never renounce their power for the good of the whole european community. In politics we have a deficit of true social- people who actually care about their citizens, who know what they want, who know their problems and find a sollution to them. Is it actually so hard to make things better? It depends for whom. If somebody is just another bureaucrat who only thinks about how to stay longer in charge of the nation then the answer is yes. But I will never stop believing that there are good people in this world. Those who want to change it for better. Those who I can finally call my representatives.

2 years, 5 months ago in Brexit
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