What will happen in Europe after UK BREXIT?

The question that arises is: What will happen if other powers decides to leave the EU in the future? What will happen to the European Community and what will happen to European citizens? It’s not easy for the country to get your citizens accustomed to living in a homonymous block that threatens to collapse … And then what should the Union do that states do not follow the British model? First of all, transparency should grow at the level of all institutions, but also of potential candidate countries. It should occupy the gap left by the UK leaving the attraction of Switzerland or Norway (two countries with a potential for growth in the years to come). Creating new trade alliances with extra-community states (Asian states such as China, Arab Emirates, etc.). States that could be markets for European products, etc. That would be the future of the EU to survive the challenges ahead.
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According to studies in the day when the UK said it was leaving the EU on the London Stock Exchange, 350 billion US dollars were lost, money UK contributed to European funds in the last 15 years!

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