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Currently, the acute shortage of jobs affects the economic and social situation in the entire European Community. Labor shortages are increasing , especially among young people, who are most affected by this situation. The graduate rate is disproportionate in terms of the number of jobs and qualifications required on the labor market. the problem is to balance the scale among young people who are looking for a job , but not only. Including the consequences arising from this situation are aimed at: salary level, paid hours, quantity/quality rapport, in countries like Romania, for example, is disproportionate to the other European Union countries. Other issues requiring attention are: improving the living standard among the population , the discrepancy between the workforce and pensions that must be paid out of “our money”, lack of effective and concrete control of public money in some countries where the level of corruption is growing and affects ourselves directly, the ordinary citizens. There are many young people with fewer opportunities who are forced to leave their own country, leave their families and their children to find a better living beyond the borders of their country. More than that, in terms of their work arms , they have already began to be replaced by robots. Automation will put a monopoly on manufacturing work. From here, the labor force will be serious raised, which be compulsorily complimented by ultra-performing machines and technology. They will do what man did not do practically, arms are replaced by state-of- the art technology, will overcome production activity both in terms of quantity and quality. The European Community and the Member states will slowly have to adopt measures and countermeasures to: lack workforce, improving the quality of life in all its aspects, developing cohesion measures that do not seriously affect t5he standard of living of citizens and by which the economy is rectified.

1 week ago in Sustainable Future

António Costa is the first progressive leader to speak in the context of this new series of exchanges launched in the House setting out a clear vision for a progressive Europe. In light of the various challenges today, there can only be European answers to the problems we face. In his speech, António Costa called for a European response to the refugee crisis, the fight against terrorism, to tackle climate change, to fight unemployment and ensure a fair digitalisation. In order to face these challenges and to re-establish economic and social convergence, the progressive leader was clear: Europe needs a stronger EU budget and a eurozone reform with a proper fiscal capacity. In this sense, fair taxation and new own resources are necessary tools. Costa led by example when announcing that Portugal is ready to raise its contributions to the long-term EU budget. Replying to António Costa’s speech, S&D acting Group president, Maria João Rodrigues, said: “Portugal’s socialist-led government has proven that there is an alternative to blind austerity. It is possible to go back to growth while fighting social inequalities. Another Europe is possible! With his speech, António Costa has proven that he has an ambitious and progressive vision for what should be the new phase of the European project. “We must launch a powerful strategy to invest in the future making the best of the energy transition and the current digital revolution. “The Europe of tomorrow must be a social one. The proposals from the Commission on the implementation of the Social Pillar are crucial in this respect. The various initiatives are a good start but we must do more to ensure that the measures do not remain empty words but become concrete reality for people. Investment in jobs, fighting youth unemployment, ensuring the rights of the children, pursuing minimum wages across Europe – it is our duty to deliver on these needs. “The EU can only take effective action if it has the means to do so. The EU must be equipped with a strong, long-term EU budget based not only on contributions from member states but also increased own resources. Today’s vote on the MFF and the Own Resources report will play a central role as well as our continued joint fight against tax evasion and tax fraud. “Finally, the EU must remain an example of international co-operation based on human values, democracy, fairness and sustainable development.” Maria João Rodrigues emphasised the need to engage with citizens in the upcoming EP elections 2019: “The upcoming EP elections in 2019 are the moment when people can decide which Europe they want. It is our duty to ensure that citizens have a real say in these elections. Thus, to engage with them in an open and inclusive way is fundamental. “We warmly welcome the ‘Citizens Conventions’ to be launched by the EP and the other EU Institutions. It will be important to ensure that all political groups will take part in these dialogues, so that the people can see the differences between the proposals offered by the political groups. “The S&D Group, together with its partners from the progressive family, is already engaging with citizens in the context of its #EuropeTogether initiative launched in October 2016 in Brussels. We will continue our citizen events all across Europe and are looking forward to listening and debating with citizens about the future Europe they want. Join us and have your say on your future!”

The #EuropeTogether initiative aims at bringing European politics closer to citizens. The campaign brings together politicians, academics, civil society and citizens to debate and come up with new proposals for the future of Europe. On 12 April 2018, the next Together event will take place in Hamburg, focusing on the topic of ‘Managing Migration & Supporting Refugees in a Globalised World’. The full programme is available on our event page.

A Europa deve optar pelas energias verdes ou renováveis pois para além de serem mais seguras para as comunidades onde são produzidas, promovem riqueza e desenvolvimento. Portugal tem também apostado fortemente na mobilidade eléctrica, garantindo desta forma a diminuição de gases com efeito de estufa ao mesmo tempo que renova a frota automóvel das empresas do estado, dando desta forma o exemplo! Portugal desenvolveu uma rede nacional de carregamento elétrico para automóveis que é pioneira a nível mundial! è necessário, agora, que as empresas possam pagar a energia a preços mais acessíveis pois a energia portuguesa ainda é das mais caras da Europa e há muitas pessoas, de classes mais desprotegidas que não têm dinheiro para pagar as contas de eletricidade, impossibilitando-as de ter casa quentes e confortáveis, principalmente nos locais mais frios do país.


EN Europe must opt for green or renewable energies because in addition to being safer for the communities where they are produced, they promote wealth and development. Portugal has also made a strong commitment to electric mobility, thus guaranteeing the reduction of greenhouse gases while renewing the automobile fleet of state companies, thus setting the example! Portugal has developed a national electric car charging network that is a pioneer worldwide! It is now necessary for companies to be able to pay for energy at more affordable prices because Portuguese energy is still the most expensive in Europe and there are many people from the most unprotected classes who do not have the money to pay electricity bills, to have a warm and comfortable home, especially in the colder places of the country.

1 week, 2 days ago in Energy Poverty

The prime minister of Portugal is going to you to talk about his example of socialism and progress, about his success in his country. When I read this notice I thought that there is much more to do for the future of Europe. It must be less poverty, less inequality, more humanity and the success of economy doesn’t have to be made only by numbers. The future of Europe can’t ignore the most important thing: Education. With people more educated we can build a better future and a better world. That is not happening in his country. Portugal must seriously invest in Education. Better schools, better work conditions for teachers, less students per class, not classes with 30 or more students. Professional courses taken seriously, not ones that everybody passes anyway. Teachers are old and with more work to do than ever. They don’t see their work recognized, not by time of service of the last nine years, not by just money. So they are on strike again. What benefits are our kids gaining with that situation? What education the future of Europe gains with this? Nothing. It is very important and urgent to invest in education, public education. So that we will have in the future young people that are really educated and that can think by themselves and help to built a better United Europe and a better world. For that is indispensable a better public education. Education is the way, nothing else. Please, listen to teachers and students. There is much to do in Portugal. A long way. But that is the only one that can bring all together to a better future.


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