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I have lived for 18 years in Romania, and 9 years in Denmark, and i had the chance to sample how the civil society worked in both member states of the European Union. First, i will start with the experience in Denmark (which i confirmed to be similar in other North European member states). Here the civil society is quintessential to the success of Denmark, and almost every citizen participates in it, in one form or another. There are different forms of participation, some people are members of different clubs (sports or not) and associations where they enjoy a certain service, while others are volunteers in the same clubs and associations and use their free time to provide service to other citizens. As i am in the leadership of a youth organization, we have experienced that the world is the limit, in terms of support and funding. You can receive funding from your local municipality, from your region, from the government and from the parliament. Easy access to funding, allows youth organizations to grow and attract citizens to join and volunteer. However, not the same can be said about the situation in Romania. I am also in the leadership of a youth organization in there, and it is very difficult to access funding, especially when none is offered from local, regional and national level. Therefore, i suggest a European directive to be implemented in which each member state implements legislation on the development of civil society, and ensures the presence of local, regional and national funds for it. Reliance on European funds cannot always be the case as high-level of expertise is necessary to access such funds. A part of the tax money that people pay needs to return back in form of support for the civil society, everywhere on the territory of the European Union.

4 days, 6 hours ago in Civil Society

Dear Socialists & Democrats Group representatives, I know you have good intentions at heart and at the very core of your fundamentally socially righteous beliefs although I do not believe building a very expensive secured board paid in excruciatingly slow rates by the EU member’s countries administration committees is truly the best business endeavour for making the European Union even socio-economically great again, and amidst ever growing Euroskepticism in the world we need to show another image of Europe with actual equal opportunities and economic situation for all in the Euro zone and to solve the migration chain problems with enabling terrorists to come in our countries and attack us as we need more feasible and highly efficient migration screening system backed on both sociologists and psychologists main expertise, while succeeding to adopt and to promote a holistic approach to migration which covers all of the interlinked necessary elements of a European integration Project, from the ethical facts of solidarity and sharing responsibility fairly between countries, to the more pragmatical security needs of tackling criminal traffickers and smugglers, and also to enhance the role of Frontex and EASO (the European Asylum Support Office) and I strongly suggest that the appointed and highly certified team of the S&D group should hire an interdisciplinary group of forensic psychologists, sociologists and even immigration border specialists to work together for creating, testing, statistically & scientifically validating and implementing a highly efficient and great quite accurate screening test or inventory designed to improve the standard selection process regarding the natural flow of immigrants, especially exposing the possible sociopaths and psychopaths, or simply said the terrorists, many of them which are quite statistically representative in terms of numbers showcasing their horrors under the siege of Radical Islamism, a fanatical and distorted version of healthy fundamentalist Islamism because even in Turkey known for its monopol of muslim religion for example, these terroristic organization killed and slaughtered thousands of muslims while obliging them to recite from their holy book Quran by heart with the guns pointed to their chest and many other horrible, sadistic and quite inhumane things indeed just because there isn’t a great psychological screening system regarding the immigration process or some possibly obscure and organized group being run by some probably highly corrupted organized group of oligarchs which also ruined those top G7 countries of the world both socioculturally and economically from 2008 until now, possibly a new order quite influential hidden group who is still financing and helping them with ammunition, strategy plans and military equipment as well to create this world wide hysteria and to provoke this circus and bread type of mass media frenzy sociopolitical phenomenon, yet this is just a plausible hypothesis still unproven empirically speaking although logically sound! We need the best and most accurate highly efficient Psychological Screening System actively involved in the ongoing quite problematic migration process !!! Furthermore we also imperiously need to develop safe lawful access routes into the EU for asylum seekers and refugees, to invest more careful and strategical thinking in writing the business plans for further international funds and to spend well the bugdet ensured for migration and to bring a consistent approach to our migration, visa, international development and foreign affairs policies towards non-EU countries while making sure to bring a consistent approach to our migration, visa, international development and foreign affairs policies towards non-EU countries !!! Migrants are not a random sample from a home country’s population as many of them are representatives for the elite of that country regarding the social phenomenon of “brain drain” or the human capital flight as today we get highly educated and skilled professionals from both EU and non-EU countries as migration is truly a choice! Moreover the current policy needs to take into account both temporary and permanent migration as quotas increase a migrant cohort’s skill upon arrival and cohort’s decrease a migrant cohort’s skill measured years later and this causes temporary migration to decrease and permanent migration to increase therefore revealing the natural socio-professional mechanism to increase cohort’s skills upon arrival and also observing the constant decrease cohort’s skilled when measured years later thus needing a more effective immigration selection screening system proactively strengthened by sociocultural protection and acclimatization! Last but not least we should strive together to organize the world wide and most internationally acclaimed Progressive European Union Solidarity Award with the Progressive non-EU Organization Solidarity Award category to help many world wide civil societies play an incredibly important role regarding the EU cohesion role, to boost both EU and non-Eu governments social involvement and to quickly and effectively solve the refugee crisis on a global scale! 🙂

6 days, 6 hours ago in Civil Society

On a global scale, civil society organizations play an incredibly important role. just think of the organizations that after natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes that intervene to serve those affected and help them to return to normal. These groups of people who are part of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), provide assistance to people without asking for money in return. NGOs very often depend on the donations that they receive, so many times they are limited in their intervention. In order to have a strong social impact they need to be supported by the institutions, in economic terms but also for the creation of networks that can become an added value on the different territories, increasing the social impact. The creation of European networks is the fundamental pillar for improving the involvement of associations in civil society in Europe. Moreover, the creation of these networks strongly affects social inclusion, allowing children to share common values. An important actor that would have involved in this process are the schools. if this path is started in a school through the involvement of children on some issues and therefore the consequent sensitibilisation of children, this will certainly have a positive impact on both social inclusion and humanitarian field intended as help to people in need. To do this is necessary start training in a schools through the help of volunteers already active and with the help of the institutions in economic terms, financing the training activities. Education and training are therefore a further pillar on which to invest for improve civil society, contributing to create an European Identity.

1 week, 3 days ago in Civil Society

Me too These two words have been used million of times in October 2017. The purpose was to denounce sexual assault and harassment. The hashtag #MeToo has exploded on social media as a vehicle for women to share their stories in Europe and around the world. For perhaps the first time in history, powerful men are falling, and women are being believed. However, this also shows that there is still so much left to do in order to strengthen women’s right and how important it is to support activists who fight for civil rights. The Silver Rose Awards are organised annually in cooperation with the S&D Group, an occasion to celebrate Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and individuals on 23rd January 2018. The Jury selected six awardees in several categories to highlight their achievements in fields such as Women’s Rights. CSOs need to be two things to work sufficient: free and able to have a positive contribution. Hence, there needs to be an enabling environment for an effective role for CSOs. CSOs need to be independent and legal provision should aim at respecting and protecting the freedom of citizens and CSOs. The credibility of the message by CSOs depends on their independency why it should be highly respected. Moreover, the EU needs to develop a constructive cooperation with CSOs. Therefore, citizens and CSOs should be consulted during EU policy-making process. Consultations have been recognised as an essential element of policy-making in many developed and more recently emerging countries. The European Commission regularly seeks the views of citizens and stakeholders when it develops policy and legislation, what is important to improve the quality of public policy while strengthening its legitimacy. However, in the future MFF, gender equality should be more deeply prioritized and the EU should promote a more positive image of CSOs. The Silver Rose Awards are one great step but the way is not over yet. Not until words like “Me Too” are needed to rethink our daily lives.

1 week, 4 days ago in Civil Society

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