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Every day, we face situations that can worsen the quality of every day life of citizens, especially those in Eastern Europe. The political and economic situation in countries such as Romania and Bulgaria is largely due to bad governance, tax and economic measures that are not in line with what should be implemented to make these countries “stand up”. Every day in Romania, the prices increase, the taxes and prices are rising, the rents are very high, so founding of a family and a home have become a luxury, that many of the citizens of this country do not afford. On the other hand, working in slavery in Romania, wages are very low, according to the demands of every day life. For many of the Romanian people, spending a holiday is a luxury they can not afford. So low is the standard of living that many of the citizens of this country just live for the next day. Currently, the Romanian works to pay its rates and “keep it up until next month”. These were and are the political programs in our country that have succeeded in destroying the country and degrading the citizens’ living conditions. The purchasing power is very low, the salary level, too. Therefore, there is a clear disproportion between the asking price and the purchasing power, demand and supply are inversely proportional, and hence a whole causal chain that destroys the economy. The interest rate in Romania is growing sharply quarterly. Many Romanian people emigrate, as they see themselves overcome by the economic and social difficulties they face in their country, others have two jobs to cope with their debt payments. Personally, I think it would be appropriate to make a change at the level of the European Union with regard to fiscal measures. It is necessary to improve the economy and this can only be done through measures and programs imposed by the European Union itself, which will lead to a concrete and coherent improvement result. I believe that it should be enforced at the level of all countries that are part of the European Union, that the salary level is the same, regardless of their geographical position. Moreover, it would be appropriate to unify the legislation on sustainable economic and fiscal measures that will lead to economic and social progress.

4 weeks ago in Sustainable Future

S&D Group vice-president responsible for digital affairs, Josef Weidenholzer, said: “Every day we are learning more about the extent of this scandal. Following a hearing in the UK Parliament, it now seems likely that far more than 87 million Facebook users have had their data compromised by Cambridge Analytica. It is essential that Mark Zuckerberg come to the European Parliament’s responsible committee on civil liberties, justice and home affairs and explain exactly what has taken place, what Facebook knew, and how many EU citizens have been affected. We then need to ensure that laws are in place to prevent this from ever happening again. We are calling for a detailed hearing in the Parliament’s civil liberties, justice and home affairs committee, so that we can understand the full effects of this scandal. This is much more than a case of a company misusing peoples’ data for commercial gain – it raises profound questions about how our democracies can be manipulated in the age of social media. We need a full investigation on how these types of practices have been used in recent election campaigns, both in Europe and the US.” S&D Group spokesperson for civil liberties, justice and home affairs, Birgit Sippel, said: “We have been fighting for years to ensure that citizens’ personal data and privacy is protected online. For too long, the attitude in most governments was that this was a secondary issue. However, this scandal finally seems to have woken everyone up to how important protecting citizens online is. Being outraged by this scandal is not enough; we need action from member states to ensure it cannot happen again. Firstly, we need proper implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that will apply as of May 26. Our Group fought hard against the EPP Group and other conservative forces in the Parliament to ensure that we had strong new laws to protect citizens’ personal data. However, strong laws only mean something if they are properly implemented – member states must give their data protection authorities the resources necessary to actually enforce these new rules effectively. “But this is not enough: National governments also need to agree their position on the e-privacy regulation, to ensure that citizens’ private conversations online are kept confidential. The current e-privacy rules do not even cover Facebook! The Parliament adopted strong proposals that would guarantee citizens’ privacy online. However, the Council continues to drag its feet on the issue. This is not acceptable; by refusing to act, national governments are already preparing the way for the next big scandal.”


Many insist that countries each need to take their own share of responsibility that Burden Sharing is a must. Even so, time and again we have seen countries fall short in this! Countires, which may be considered to have been vastly influential into the very cause of this migration crisis. A crisis which keeps on seeing lives being lost at sea and some in between borders. It is thus because of this that the Union, along with other partner countries need to come together now more than ever before; to meet and find a solution. A solution that goes away from a “money talks” mentality and into one that really seeks to be proactive in listening to the effected youth, the vulnerable people and those who unfortunately risk their lives to find a better future. We need to prove that as a Union we are better than the U.S and its current position. We must prove that the fundamental values upon which the Union was built still stand true today, values we still try to uphold at the best of our ability. The EU is the strongest advocate in this, we have partnerships and action plans ready to help sustain various Countries of Origin from which migrants come from and accordingly we must in good conscience keep on aiming to improve our strategies for a more cooperative Partnership Framework. We are seeing progress on part of the European Union, however more is yet to be desired. In the words of HRVP Mogherini “our common work under the Partnership Framework has brought tangible progress. We will keep on working to increase cooperation with our African partners, to ensure that lives are saved, migrants are treated in dignity and to eradicate together the business model of those who exploit human despair”. In working together we can have more progress and a tangible solution!

Women’s rights are treated as a very vague matter, but there is no emphasis on certain aspects that send to respect the full extent of this right or at least some of the rights we can actually effectively enjoy. In same states, the legislation is very vague and even permissive regarding the violation of women’s rights, wich we are witnessing day by day. I am referring here, especially to the criminal legislation that I can say “encourages” attitudes such as the physical and phsyological harm of many women. Every day, more than two women are killed in the beating of their own husbands , concubines and so on, and legislation is very permissive in this aspect. in addition to the fact, that the women who are subject to these problems, they see themselves constrained to leave their home because they can no longer resist the physical, mental, economic and social harassment to which they are exposed by those who should protect them. i think that the legislation in this field needs to be changed from the ground, especially in some states where there is a mentality such as: “The beating is broken out of heaven!”. Facts should be severely punished in order to be aware of the severity the acts they commit over the woman with whom they cohabit and who have serious consequences even on the children. The phenomenon of domestic violence proliferates every day and, as far as legislation is a concerned, nothing improves, so the victims of these abuses are overcome by the situation. Besides this, the casual chain of these acts and crimes of a criminal nature are also reflected in the society accustomed to us with the resignation that “goes so!”. That’s why more and more women silence and endure the hard to imagine torture these days…

1 month, 2 weeks ago in Women’s Rights

First of all, the problem of immigration is important for the cohesion of the union. I am not only talking about the people coming to EU from third countries and looking for a better future and a quality of life they do not have. In this case, the answer of modern social democracy should be decisive. Integration and widening of human rights, especially in countries where their policies are more claustrophobic and anti-European. I speak much more about the internal migration of citizens within the union. While this is, in principle, productive and promotes the framework of a European citizen moving without borders in relation to the past. However, it creates strong imbalances and challenges for the equal development of EU members as important human capital is transferred from countries that need it to countries that already have it. This is where social democracy has to respond and support countries facing youth unemployment problems with mechanisms that re-cycle resources and projects with high added economic value especially to countries facing braindrain. Regarding the problem of refugees, the union has done a lot, but that does not mean that more cannot be done. As my country has become home to thousands of refugees from Syria, I can say that food and accommodation are not enough. If we really want to help these people and say that we belong to a union that respects people, we must first of all make these people equal members of the society where they can offer and create. This can only be done effectively with bottom-up projects involving both the union citizens and the refugees in order to produce the necessary osmosis.

Today, in addition to the major problems faced by the European Union (acute lack of housing, the growth of unemployment among young people, poverty, conflicts and political, economics, military, etc.) it’s necessary to solve another problem – refugees and migration. The date of these problems are not looking for viable solutions concrete, coherent and fair, the Europeans will not be able to face the waves of migration for a long time. But how can The European Union solve this problem? How does the E.U. manage all the negative aspects that are generated by migration? What is the role of Member States, in this puzzle, which, every day becomes increasingly more difficult? The European Union, besides these realities faced by change and we all, must deal with another issue at all negligible: the history of the US economic crisis demonstrated that the price in the end is war. Often they exist and there are legitimate fears at about an imminent war, given the conflicts that we witness now here in the world. I believe, as the first, European Union together with the need to changed their energies and resources towards the maintenance of peace and good conviviality. this is the most important aspect of the European Union and it its States must take into account all the time, otherwise it is very difficult to manage such as migration and refugees. If the world we live in states are threatened by wars, conflicts, ground social, economic, political and military, inequalities, Member States must find a solution to the problems of middle for refugee and migration. Children and mothers who passed trough wars and terror, don’t have any fault to live in such a world. The European Union , not only, the world’s governments, all you have fight against these abuses, or other attitude which hinders rights and liberties. All these entities involved in combating these disasters must act and react firmly in the fight against wars. Our response to all these acts must be peace, dialogue and cooperation. Without these a European Units does not exist, a better world either… I believe that the time has come for all states of the world to be open to dialogue and especially to the implementation of a strategy to reduce the tensions that put pressure worldwide , affecting all of us, including the old continent. Migration is a phenomenon that you cannot solve like a maths problem. It is a real problem which is precisely why more and more concerns appear. All forums and institutional liability making of the E.U. and of the world in general, we must treat this matter and in terms of tolerance and unity in diversity, with good deals. It’s not easy, that is why a look in the past is more than opportune in order not to repeat the mistakes that have been committed, in order not to harm the citizens of the states themselves, and not to endanger our social tranquillity. All you need to keep in mind, including the subjects affected by wars, poverty, disasters and calamities, that the law must be respected anywhere you go. Order and security are priority areas for us states. The fact is that we must be open and cooperative, but cautious and careful. Our aim must be peace, above all, but, also take attitude when the situation so requires.

Without addressing the root causes of forced displacement such as conflicts, poverty and underdevelopment, the phenomenon of migration will only intensify in the future. Despite two decades of economic growth, Africa is facing security challenges and regional instability. It is confronting increased social inequalities and poverty, corruption, lack of good governance, fundamental freedoms, and quality education, as well as wide-spread environmental degradation. This has led to a growing number of migrants and refugees coming from Africa to Europe. We need more efficient cooperation between EU and African countries of origin and transit in order to overcome the current challenges of migration management. And the EU must take resolute steps to enact a Marshall Plan for Africa that can address the root causes of migration and deliver tangible improvements in Africa. We must work together with African partners towards effective use of development cooperation, conflict resolution, and stimulate inclusive and sustainable economic growths to give opportunities to Africans in their countries of origin. Migration must be safe and legal, migrants and refugees must have their dignity and fundamental rights respected and the fight against human traffickers must be stepped up. The far-right and populist forces are building walls and spread hate and division. We stand for equal and fair partnerships between EU and Africa through win-win approaches, and support the efforts of the African partners, which host the overwhelming majority of African migrants and refugees, to better manage migration flows, also internally. We are extending our hand in cooperation to civil society and everyone who is ready to join us in this joint effort.

We insist that all countries take their own share of responsibility for the protection of refugees and that migrants, independent of their legal status, have their human rights respected.  We call for special attention to the most weak and vulnerable as well as to women, children and the elderly. We remain critical of the way some EU countries have responded so far to the refugee crisis. In this respect, we urge all EU countries to honour their commitments both in terms of relocation and resettlement. Showing solidarity is key in gaining credibility in international negotiations and in convincing other countries to live up to their responsibilities. We need to make sure that refugees are offered the opportunity to work and contribute to the development of their hosted societies. Nearly half of all migrants are women and girls. It is of paramount importance that not only the EU, but the UN Member States themselves, promote gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls as a central element of the global migration agreement. Women must be fully involved and their voices listened to. We must include women’s needs and realities in the design of policies and solutions for refugee crises in order to make them more sustainable and effective. The EU must in the strongest terms possible advocate clear commitments on specific pressing issues, such as avoiding that people risk their lives in the desert or at sea, improving the actions concerning missing migrants, ensuring humane conditions in reception camps, calling for the end of child detention, strongly supporting family reunification or addressing specific measures on statelessness. These commitments must be included in the global agreements on refugees and migration.

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